Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random Act of Kindness

Yesterday I brought Antonio up to the back of the church where there is this huge beautiful area where people can hang out, with a playground, a grass area, and a stage.  It was a beautiful sunny and breezy morning after three days of odd rain and wind.  We got up there and there was no one there but the people who clean and for a first time in a long time, I felt such peace and tranquility.  I let Antonio run around and explore and of course got in a photo session of him. =)

As we were leaving, one of the ladies who was sweeping asks what my baby's name is.  I say, "Antonio".  And she says, "My name is Carmela.  What's yours?".  And I respond, "Anna."  And she says, "Ohhhh, it's your Onomastico tomorrow, Auguri!"  Of course, all of this in Italian...tomorrow, or yet today, is Sant'Anna.  She comes over to me and shakes me hand. And I say, "Thank you and Buona Giornata".  Small talk like this amongst strangers is not uncommon here... but to me, it made my day.  It's tough being a foreigner and it's nice when people don't treat me as a foreigner.

Thank you Carmela!  Little did you know, the couple of seconds you took to talk to me made my day. =)

Here are some photos from Antonio's photo shoot for the day. =) 


  1. Anna! I can't get over how cute this little guy is. I'm so ready for one of my own hehe! It's amazing to see how much he's grown!

    I completely related to this post. I really love the short little conversations that make me feel less foreign...them being able to understand me, me being able to understand's great!
    Yesterday I went to teach at a company and I forgot my security badge to get out when I was done. I told the security guard, "mi scusi ma..non posso uscire." His reply was just "meglio!" haha! Made me chuckle, even if he was about 55 years old and creepy!

    Take care and keep in touch! (Toronto in 2 weeks yay!!)

  2. Aww thanks Theresa! Okay first of all, the fact that you mentioned a company with security guard and security badge made me question where you were! LOL, those exist in Italy? And even if they do, they actually work? Haha Glad to hear you are busy with work and taking Italy by English lesson at a time! =) Have a great trip back to Toronto!!!! Take care! xoxoxo, Anna