Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tip of the Day: A Couple Cents Go a Long Way

When paying for groceries or anything really, the cashier becomes much more friendly when you give exact change. You can expect a little snarl from some if they ask you for change and you don't have any to give them. Seriously, I don't understand what the big deal is. You have a cash register, stock it up with change... it is only normal people may not have the exact change. I understand if you bought a pack of gum and give them a 50 or something... but otherwise no need for the rudeness. Fortunately, I always try to give exact change so that my wallet and purse will be lighter, and always get a kick out of how grateful they are when I do. It's like their face lights up and I just saved them from tears and heartache. It is what it is. =)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An Italian Spring

I am loving this beautiful Spring weather here in Italy... it seem to have come a lot sooner this year but I am not complaining. Although it does scare me how soon the hot and humid Summers will arrive as I quickly turn into a whale. =/ Baby is growing fast! =)

But back to focusing on Spring... I love Italian Springs... so different from L.A. because I actually notice the change in the environment since I am closer to all things nature and not trapped in the city between buildings and freeways. The different types of birds here are all chirping away, the air is so clean and fresh after so much rain we've had, and all the fields are starting to prepare for new crops. But the thing that gives me the most joy and serenity are the fields of cherry blossoms! Sooooo pretty. I could stare at them all day like I use to be able to stare at the Tuscan Hills all day when we lived in Siena. Breathtaking.... =)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Random Fact of the Day - Coke or Coca Cola?

Okay, this is truly very random... but I realized that since I have been here for quite a while, there are certain things that have become a norm to me when they do differ from the States. When my good friends came to visit us in the Summer, they were pointing out so many little things that were different that I never even gave a second thought about anymore. Like how there were hardly any billboards on the freeways (autostrada) and that they were so clean compared to our LA freeways filled with worn out tires and ladders. But, I am allll about the little things and gestures so *slap on the face*, wake up and smell the Italian coffee that even smells different from American coffee. =)

So one really random one for you.... When you order "Coke" at a restaurant or bar here, you don't say "Coke" like in the States... you have to say the whole word - "Coca Cola". They won't understand you if you don't. When did you ever say the entire "Coca Cola" in America? I think we'd laugh at each other for being so proper hehe. Oh and "Diet Coke" is "Coca Cola Light" here... ;)

Also, gosh, I really didn't realize the lack of sidewalks here. I mean I'm always walking around and looking out for passing cars, but seriously not that many sidewalks. It makes sense because a lot of the streets are tight and small but you definitely don't see those missing from our cities.

Little things... =)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

When the Scooters Come Out to Play

I am sooooo happy that it is finally getting warmer here in Italy! Seriously, I felt like I was in hibernation all winter... my LA blood just can't take the cold. =( I can finally go out without a jacket, not have to wear boots, and actually get a tan! Wooohooo! =) The beautiful weather definitely gets me in higher spirits but I am not the only one.

What I love best, is that I can hear A LOT more going on in the town too. Everyone is enjoying the arrival of Spring and the change of weather as you hear the kids come out to play on the streets, the bars put tables outside and you see old men playing cards and people watching, and the most noticeable - all the Italians back on their scooters and buzzing by. It doesn't get more Italian than that... =)