Wednesday, January 25, 2012

C'e Crisi, C'e Crisi

The phrase of 2011 in Italy was "C'e Crisi, C'e Crisi"(There's Crisis, There's Crisis)... you heard it everywhere... in everyday conversations, at home, on the news, and Striscia La Notizia. I don't know how it was in the States since I wasn't back at all in 2011 but the economic crisis was definitely live and booming here. Unfortunately, with hopes of a new year, fresh start, and the year of the dragon... things have just gotten worse here. Gas prices have sky-rocketed that gas stations have raised the price on gas and now don't even have any more gas - causing pay tolls and everything else to rise in cost as well. On monday, all truckers went on strike throughout Italy. If any trucker tried to get on the autostrada, they were stopped by all the others. And this did happen... one trucker got stopped and his wheels slashed. Another trucker trying to stop a German big-rig even got ran over and killed... tragic... Moreover, since all truckers are on strike, supermarkets and stores are not getting their regular shipments and are dwindling in their stock. It is insane... Of course one event would create this domino effect, but when will it end? It seems like they are digging a deeper and deeper hole into the crisis. It doesn't help that the euro is losing it's value as each day goes by, banks are going bankrupt, financial institutions are charging you 32€ for every 5000€ you have in the bank, more people are losing their jobs and the cost of living just gets higher. Can we really be going into another Great Depression?

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